"We're excited about the peer counselor tracker program. It will be a great way for making sure we maximize the benefits of the great work our breastfeeding peer counselors do."

- Phyllis Crowley, Utah Nutrition Ed Coordinator

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Peer Counselor Tracker

Monitor and get reports on your breastfeeding peer counselors.

peer counselor tracker

Peer Counselor Tracker is an innovative and efficient system for maximizing the benefits of your breastfeeding peer-counseling program. We developed this system after a long and detailed pilot with our partner state Utah, with the intent of creating a national model that could enhance client breastfeeding practices.

Track All Communication in one place

Central to the Peer Counselor Tracker program is the ability to move all incoming and outgoing communication through a single portal. No more subjective or incomplete notes regarding communication that occurred between counselor and client, but rather a repository of all phone calls, emails and facebook group traffic. A clear and useful track of communication can only help enhance the services already being provided by peer counselors. 

Develop a more effective team

WIC staff benefit from this program by being able to listen to calls and read responses to help improve peer counselor effectiveness. In essence, the Peer Counselor Tracker is within itself both a client communication tracking and personnel improvement approach to enhancing breastfeeding services.

Provide program direction

The result? A mountain of data. This program amasses a tremendous amount of information that can be easily digested through a series of reporting mechanisms. WIC staff can retrieve reports on scheduling, tag client "tickets" with a breastfeeding topic and analyze the issues most discussed, to name a few. Being able to personalize reporting of tracked data lets you tailor to the unique needs of agencies within your state.