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Online Nutrition Ed

Our online, stage-based nutrition education system.

Health eKitchen

A recipe-based resource and video library for WIC foods.

Peer Counselor Tracker

Monitor and get reports on your breastfeeding peer counselors.

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our history

At the grassroots level, it all began with an innovative idea for revitalizing quality nutrition services while using technology to incorporate client-centered and behavioral-based WIC nutrition education. wichealth.org is based on the premise that the client should be, and deserves to be, an active participant in her education. Education needs to be based on what the client is interested in learning, while meeting the level of readiness the client is willing to engage in. This drives the changes necessary for improving parent-child feeding. 

Education needs to fit the client, not the other way around.

Initially conceived in 2001, wichealth.org is the offspring of a symbiotic relationship that exists between partner WIC states, WIC clients, and the WIC development team located at Western Michigan University. Our growth has been phenomenal. We went from this novel fragment of an idea to the leading WIC Internet-based education across the country. But it wasn't easy. It took a lot of time and effort, from both our staff and our state partners.

Key to wichealth.org’s continued evolution is the expansive behavior change theory upon which the system is built. Theory runs deep within the underlying constructs of the system and serves as the lifeblood for wichealth.org’s success. Since its inception, modifications and expansion of wichealth.org lesson offerings have resulted in it becoming the most comprehensive web-based behavior change program available for WIC clients. See how we rate compared to other online nutrition education efforts.


wichealth is the leading WIC online nutrition education program in the nation.


Since the beginning, wichealth.org has expanded to 30 states1 and 4 Indian Tribal Organizations2, has been used by clients as a substitute for over 7 million secondary education contacts, and includes 50 lessons in both English and Spanish. And the most recent evaluation data suggest there is no slowing down on the horizon. The future of wichealth.org is bright, as it continues to bridge WIC initiatives such as RQNS and VENA, while continuing to evolve as a system capable of providing innovative, tailored, and proven behavior change experiences.


the power of innovation.


 1ak, AL, CA, CO, fl, HI, IN, IA, IL, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, NC, ND, ne, NV, OH, OK, OR, sc, SD, TN, UT, va, VT and WI

2 Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada, Osage Nation, Muscogee Creek Nation, Otoe-Missouria