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Online Nutrition Ed

Our online, stage-based nutrition education system.

Health eKitchen

A recipe-based resource and video library for WIC foods.

Peer Counselor Tracker

Monitor and get reports on your breastfeeding peer counselors.

staff impact


"Hey Buddy, can you spare a buck?"


What can you buy for $1.03?  Maybe a phone app. A loaf of bread. Two, if they are on sale as day-old bread. That's what it costs to educate clients using wichealth.org. One buck? That's it. One dollar and some small change. 

Compare that with providing a clinic counseling session. How much would it cost to provide over 5,500,000 education sessions? We haven't even factored in support staff, utilities, rent, depreciation, equipment, transportation, other work assignments, sick days, parking space costs, etc.




But it's not just about saving money. What about the additional time educators have to work more closely with clients needing extra assistance? Or the impressive client satisfaction and impact results we have seen with wichealth.org? Or staff satisfaction as they see their clients succeed? Can we put a dollar value on all of that? If so, is it worth more than $1.03?